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Many options to

Grow as a subcontractor with TVG or Grow as a business owner.

Team Collaboration

Most of you have come to Taylor Virtual Group as a solopreneur of your business and have not had much time to grow your business beyond just yourself. You have joined TVG as a subcontractor but you are still a business owner, growing your own business. You can look for great talent to help with your business or you can view the positions available within TVG.

Well now you have a network of amazing VA's that you can reach out to each other for help. Here at TVG we truly believe in "Accomplishing More Together" and helping each other grow. Feel free to reach out to another VA and ask for assistance in another part of your business that you don't know how to start, have difficulty accomplishing on your own or just hate doing that part of your business.

When you reach out to another VA, please keep in mind that they are running their own business as well so when you collaborate with each other the terms are up to the two of you. You may intern, barter or charge. It's your business, you decide (we are just here to provide the opportunity for you to have more time and more money also).

So click the button below and see all the talents from all the other VE's. You can hover over their name, click the double arrows and see their contact information.


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