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Please take a moment and fill out this Business Information Form and tell us about yourself and your business. You will need your business social media links so if you would like to open those in another tab before starting you can do so now. Fill out the form with as much information as you can so that we can match you up with clients that fit your super power. The * next to the field names represent a required field. At the top of the form please select "New Submission" under the field "This submission is a:" and under "Status" please only select "Data Submission"


If any of your business information has changed you may use this same form and submit an update to the areas that need to be changed. At the top of the form please select "Update to File" under the field "This submission is a:" and under "Status" please only select "Data Submission"


On this next form you will tell us what you know and what programs you know how to operate. You will have several items to go through and several sections are duplicated so please read the screen carefully. You will be selected programs and skill sets and under each area, you will be indicating which ones you are advanced, intermediate or beginner. As time goes on you become more skilled at your craft, you can always come back here and fill out the form for those areas that you have improved on and indicate your new status.

So At the top of the form you have the same 2 questions as you did for the business form.


Please select "New Submission" and "Data Submission"


Please select "Update to file" and "Data Submission". When you are updating a program or skill set you only need to select the item that you are updating and the NEW level that you are at. That's it, no need to tell us the previous level we already have that.

Taylor Virtual Group Events

We love to stay connected with all of you and here is how we accomplish that.

Monthly Team Meetings: On the 2nd Friday of every month we all get together to discuss what is happening in TVG, announcements and open forum. And occasionally we bring you a Masterclass. Each meeting is and uploaded to your team library for review or to watch if you miss the meeting. Reminder emails are sent out.

Triple S Meetings - (Temporarily canceled will be rescheduling) Every 2 weeks. We know working from home can be difficult at times and lots of questions can pop up. So we get together to Sooth your nerves after a rough couple of weeks, Solve a problem that you are struggling with, or Sell everyone on a great new idea that you discovered. Reminder emails are sent out.