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Welcome Taylor Virtual Group Subcontractors

We are glad you have joined us! Each of us own our own business and have unique skills that we bring to the table. Although we work individually to grow our businesses, there is strength in numbers and by working together we can accomplish so much more. When Taylor Virtual Group (TVG) has a client that needs assistance we want to make sure the connection is the best one for client and subcontractor, because when you work with your unique skills and talents you bring your best self to the table; which creates a win win for all.

On this site you will find lots of resources about TVG and the other subcontractor's that are part of our team. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with the other Virtual Assistants; helping each other grow your businesses in the best way possible.

On the home page you can review our core values, policies & procedures, Expectations from TVG and yourself. This is only the beginning of what this site has to offer so bookmark the page and return frequently to see updates, job opportunities and a Quarterly blog highlighting the achievements of our subcontractors.


We all have a super power, you may be a tech genius, a creative spirit, have logic and organization super skills, or a combination of any or all. That is why you are here, because I have a different super power, communication skills. I will find, get, and keep clients. You can use your super power to make happy clients.


I want you to know that we work together, encourage and help each other, and will always be united in giving our clients the best VE experience possible. If you need help, ASK, we are a team here and we don't allow others to struggle alone. If you are not a team player, you are not a member of this team


There is not a business owner around that does not need more TIME.  More time for getting everything done at work, more time at home with family, more time to rest and take TIME OFF instead of working 15 hour days. I show them the ROI on time is more important that the ROI on money. We give them more time, they decide how to use it, AND make more money.

Pat's Why


Hello, I'm Pat Taylor of Taylor Virtual Group.

I know what it is like to put all your energy into a "J-O-B". In 1979 I was so happy to get a job as a part-time Christmas checkout operator at Kmart. I worked hard and was promoted multiple times within the store level positions until I climbed to the corporate executive level. I was with Kmart for 35 years. Then Kmart went out of business, and 💣I was unemployed. I never again wanted to be in a position where someone else controlled my finances and my future.

Then, I found a wonderful mentor in Kathy Goughenour and took her training to become a Certified Virtual Expert®️ and went on to become a Coach for her Expert VA Training Program.

But, in my own VA business I found it was difficult to do "everything" a client needed. Anyone who knows me, knows my Superpower does NOT include the word 'tech'. I wanted to be able to say yes to all my client's needs and thought that maybe I was not the only one, so I created Taylor Virtual Group, where I can bring together a team of highly skilled VAs / VEs, each with expertise and experience to be able to call upon their individual Superpower.

I do not use Superpower as a “catch phrase”. I truly believe we are all stronger together, each owning their special talents, past experiences, and expertise, AKA Superpower. That is what TVG is, and you are now one of us, at no expense, no fee, because we are a team, and you don’t have to pay to be a member of this team.

Welcome to the TVG Team!
I hope you thrive here.

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